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Thank you for considering the placement of your advertising with these sites.

Here's the Beef...
Two other pages - Rates and Specifications - are provided here which describe the costs and format required of advertising on this site.

The Meat and The Plate...
Advertising will be required to be tasteful and attractive to the discriminating eye.

The Results...
Server statistics will be made available to paid-up advertisers on request for inspection, and targeted statistics for specific pages (page views, etc.) that have been paid for may be arranged at additional cost.

Banner Advertising...
This site will contain two top and two bottom banner ad locations, side by side, on every page in which the banners will be rotated through a limited number of advertisers per banner location. All Banner links may be to a single page which contains all of the links of the advertisers, or may be coded to link to each advertiser's designated URL (or email address).
This site will also contain a (smaller) static ad spot next to the Navigation Bar on every page which will remain the same site-wide and will not be rotated with other advertisers.
On occasion, sponsorship of a limited-exposure Special Banner in mid-page will be permitted on this site which has outstanding demand, such as announcements, disaster appeals, breaking news of emergency status, etc.

The Gateway...
The site is intended to be a community service. It will accommodate a range of advertising and services, including Yellow Pages, Classified Ads, Corporate Hosting (web pages) and promotion for special events.

Rates are not discounted for the first six weeks; after that, they are discounted at a flat rate for the entire applicable subscription period. Advertising must be paid for in advance, and the applicable discount is valid for that pre-paid period only.
The Specifications page provides full details about the image and file sizes; your additional needs for graphics creation, optimisation and formatting assistance can be quoted and provided by the WebMaster on request.


Rates | Specifications

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Synopsis: will be the localised "gateway" (or "portal") site for Toronto's central east-west core, and then widened to include communities on either side of the main throughfare.

Head (top) and Anchor (bottom) Banner ads - less than 300 pixels wide - will be rotated through several advertisers, therefore no animations will be permitted in the graphics.

** If animated graphics are supplied for this location despite this requirement, a single frame will be extracted from the animation - at the WebMaster's discretion - and used for the entire purchased Ad run without further consultation with the advertiser.

Navigation Bar (NavBar) Ad which anchors every page will not be rotated through other advertisers, therefore it may be an animated image. As a single continuing corporate presence at the same place on every page throughout the entire site it is considered to be a premiere advertising location.

Special Banner Ads - less than 600 pixels wide - which will be in the middle of a few named pages only are intended to be short-run Ads for special occasions or for emergency purposes only. Applications for this advertising will be considered on an individual basis, will not be available on an on-going or long-term basis, and is priced appropriately.

"Yellow Pages" - self-explanatory.

Web Page Hosting - web pages for individuals or Companies, situated on this Domain, all or parts of which can be password-protected on request.

Full Service

For complete, full-service web site creation (or re-creation) services, please see the CanDoo Creative Concepts Sales page for Rate Schedule, sample Rates and Conditions.

eMail Options

eMail aliases - These allow individuals or Companies to use a unique email address such as whose received mail is forwarded to any other address they specify.

For instance, Joe Bloggs with a company "Computer Traders" may already use a personal address

With an email alias, mail being sent to could be forwarded to his address. With a slight change in his browser settings, he can also be sending mail through his account that appears to come from

eMail MailBoxes - A limited number of mail boxes is available; these allow individuals or Companies to use a unique email address such as whose received mail is stored directly on the BloorStreetWest mail server.

For instance, Joe Bloggs with a company "Computer Traders" would receive mail being sent to and would collect it directly from the mail server using their own unique username and password - each mailbox facility is not shared with anyone else. does not condone the sending of unsolicited mail and will discontinue ANY account on this Domain which is found to be using such practices.  


These pages are optimised for the fastest use by slow connections and v3 browsers or better. Graphics are optimised for best compression and smallest file size, and the use of extraneous code in the pages is avoided. Frames are also not used for a number of valid reasons.


Rates | Specifications

Welcome | Synopsis | Full Service | eMail Options

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